Friends of Ringette Society members are available to host ringette skills development clinics in the greater Edmonton area. There is no cost for these clinics.

Clinics typically consist of a local ringette association providing ice and two teams (approx 25 - 30 girls) for a 60 - 75 minute on-ice session with Friends of Ringette members. Clinics are designed for U10 through U16 players.

The ice surface is divided into three separate areas with two Friends of Ringette members at each area. Different skills are worked on in each area and all ringette players rotate through each of the three areas.

It is generally beneficial for the local ringette association to arrange for two or more consecutive ice times so as to have greater numbers of players learning and their improving skills at the clinics.

To arrange a ringette skill development clinic, please get in touch with us via the "contact us" page of this website.